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Minerals are the future, Exsolve is the solution.

Sustainable Battery Metals

Turning CAPTURED WASTE INTO Critical value



A next-generation team with multi-disciplinary expertise, we’re built to innovate and execute

The Exsolve Model

Proprietary technology producing green battery metals that will power the future
Powering The Green Technologies Of The Future

Tech Firms’ Answer For Sustainable Battery Metals

Globalized supply chains are increasingly vulnerable to price volatility and disruption risks. Exsolve enables vertical integration, promotes the circular economy, and creates a sustainable, domestic supply of strategic battery metals.

Provides low-risk, domestic supply of critical raw materials

Bolsters market advantage over foreign competitors

Adaptive, scalable model with numerous applications

Supports low-carbon future & more sustainable supply chain

Ensures ethical and responsible business goals


The Technology Enabler, Cobalt is a nationally-declared critical metal


A highly-ductile, transition metal, Nickel is a key alloy and battery material


The ultimate conductor, Copper is integral to life from our ancient past to the future

Why Exsolve Is The Technology Of The Future

Exsolve is a green process, producing a green product, that will help supply the green tech future. We are a technology platform focused on innovative, adaptive, zero-waste solutions for the modern economy.

An Enormous, Un-tapped Domestic Resource
Industrial metal waste proves to be an enormous un-tapped domestic resource for cobalt, nickel, and copper.
Lost Value To Foreign Competitors
Currently, nearly all of this industrial waste is recycled for value metals outside of N. America and sold back at a premium.
New Proprietary Green Process
Exsolve has developed a proprietary technology to recycle this industrial metal waste for critical metals.
Strategic Focus On Battery Metals
Exsolve is advancing the development of cobalt, nickel, copper and other critical metals for green tech.
Proven Potential & Scalability
Successfully completed bench scale testing providing initial proof of concept and pathway forward to production.

It's Electric: The Future of EVs

In 2018, the world’s electric vehicle fleet surpassed 5.1 million, up 2 million from the previous year and almost doubling the number of new electric car sales. Across the leading countries in electric mobility, public policy is shifting to address the strategic importance of the battery technology value chain. As EV adoption rises, battery production requirements will necessitate increased demand and focus on raw materials supply. Traceability,  transparency, and risk-mitigated supply chains are key components to creating a sustainable raw material supply for the future.

Media & Investor Resources

The Circular Economy: Turning Waste Into Value

Rethinking the product lifecycle to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency in supply chains.

Strategic Partnerships Create Market Opportunity

Driving solutions throughout the value chain enables key relationships and win-win opportunities.

Battery Metals And The Coming Race To Decarbonize

From markets to governments, a tipping point of collective resolve to address climate change is coming.

A Next-Gen Team: Built To Innovate And Execute

Our mission is to pioneer new recycling technologies that reimagine the product lifecycle by capturing unrealized value from waste. We are positioned to be on the cutting edge of future sustainable resource development, and aim to be a leader in the circular economy that powers a green tech boom in North America.

Our multi-disciplinary management team brings expertise in metals, minerals, chemistry and extractive process, and sustainable development, as well strategic partnerships with leading scientific and engineering firms.

Leadership Team

Rob Bergmann

Rob Bergmann

President & CEO

Dr. Bill Fisher

Dr. Bill Fisher

Vice President

Brian Lentz, CPG

Brian Lentz, CPG

Director of Operations

The Future Is Calling. Are You Ready?

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